Treasurer's Report 2024



  • Looking at the Income and Expenditure, you can compare figures for this year and last – only slight variations. Some items such as prizes and engraving may have been reimbursed at different times and therefore be in the accounts for different financial years.
  • The Subsidies item is mainly keeping you all lubricated with Welcome Drinks.
  • Under 'Miscellaneous' the large difference between the 2 years is caused by our £500 donation to the Clubroom work on 1 Mar 2023.
  • The difference in the website costs is because of paying for our Webnode Premium Plan for 2 years. The Premium Plan is a necessity if we want to have our own domain name. I spoke to my contact at the web design company which handles Cramond Association website, and she said that the amount we pay is significantly less than anything she could provide for us.
  • Many of the amounts on the Expenditure side have been collected as Income and then been used to pay bills.
  • The following pages are also available for you to look at:
  • Cash Book
  • Subscriptions
  • Expenses
  • The current bank balance is £1,027.48. This is after payment of the welcome drinks for our Anniversary Dinner. Items still to be paid for are prizes and incidentals related to our Dinner.
  • Having been Treasurer of CLCC since 2010, this is my swansong since, assuming there are no objections, Helen Maxwell is taking over from me when she comes back from holiday. We have already done what is necessary for her to operate the bank account online.
  • Any questions? (PS The Accounts fye 29 Feb 24 have again been audited and signed off by David Fell.)