Minutes - 1 Nov 23


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 1st November 2023 12.45

Present: A Lints, H Davis, R Craig, J McLeod, H Maxwell, B Bell, C Tough, G McKirdy

· Apologies

All present. It was good to see Barbara back, recovered and ready to play next week.

· Minutes of last meeting 16.08.2023

Approved by Janette and seconded by Heather.

· Matters arising

Item 6 – membership forms had been issued and returned

Item 7. – booklet had been completed, been to the Printer and now issued to members. Printer had said he no longer printed on card so cover may just have to be paper next season. Anthea thanked Rona for preparing it.

There had been no complaints/comments re the competitions that had to be omitted due to shortened season.

· President's Report

  • It was good to be back on the ice after the extended break and using the new facilities. The Opening Bonspiel was a success and the lunch was super, the catering in general being great.
  • Ladies Centre – Anthea had missed the August meeting at very short notice but the EWC Minutes had explained the competitions that were on. Rona had sent these out to members.
  • Centre Reserve List was available.

· Treasurer's Report

  • Current balance is £3787.68. Janette has only paid half the ice fees for all as some members opted to pay in 2 instalments. £1184.80 is due from members still to pay. (8 x £148.10). Once the remaining ice fees of £3850 due by 15 Dec is paid, the Club balance will be £1122.48. Action: JMcL
  • Discussion re the odd 20p. A few members had overlooked the pence in the ice fee. Re rounding up or down in the future, both Janette and Helen said no need as payments involving pence are easy by bank transfer, the method used by almost everyone.
  • As MCL and Paul continue to be cashless, Janette and Rona had gone to the bank and requested a Debit Card for each in the name of Corstorphine Ladies Curling Club. At the moment they use their personal ones and claim back from Club Funds. Anthea wondered if it shouldn't wait till the AGM when there will be a changeover. However, new incumbents will have to go to the bank anyway to sign papers.

· Christmas Bonspiel 20 December

Theme – no theme and no fancy dress as unanimously agreed at AGM. A Christmas jumper permitted!

Lunch – it was thought that the Package we had at the Opening Bonspiel was very good except with mince pies instead if mini scones. Carolyn said she had liked the wee finger food items but this was currently no longer on offer. However, it was pointed out that it had been usual to have the full Christmas lunch. Paul to be asked about a Christmas Menu before deciding. Action: RC

Janette graciously agreed the Club would provide a welcome drink – wine/elderflower!

A sign up sheet, and menu choice if relevant, to go up 29Nov/6 Dec. Action: RC

As per usual Reserves could sign up to play, but priority would be given to Full members. All invited to the lunch.

Format – normal for first 2 ends then after every 2 ends players to move up a position.

Guests – the Associates.

· Province Bonspiel – 29 Jan

2 teams required. We do not have times yet but many of our ladies play for other clubs. Heather to contact David Cunningham. Action: HD

District Medal – no draw as yet from RCCC.

· AGM 27 March 2024

It is unlikely it can be held in the club rooms (see ECC October Newsletter). So logistics will have to be considered. St Ninian's was suggested as it was a convenient venue. However, it's the Closing Bonspiel with lunch. Do we have AGM the following week or get along to Corstorphine after lunch?

No hurry to decide but needs to be considered.

As Helen will be away Janette requested that Helen be proposed as Treasurer. Helen agreed.


  • Score Sheets – Heather to keep website updated. Action: HD
  • Etiquette on the ice - concern re time taken and stances on ice. It is possible to get 8 ends. A sheet was issued some years ago but it was decided to abbreviate and send out again. Action: RC

Meeting finished at 1.30pm

Date of next meeting end Jan/beg Feb 2024

PS Re Christmas Bonspiel - I remembered afterwards winners are announced at the lunch so we will require 4 gifts and the trophy to be returned (It was me, Anthea and Jane M but I don't have it) by 13th!!!!!!

Anthea gets the gifts approx. £5/6?

Also happened to meet Paul on way out – he has a Christmas Menu which he will email me and also his sannies will be Christmas related, eg turkey!!!Enter your text here...