Minutes of Committee Meeting at the home of the President

Wednesday 16 August 2023 at 10.30 am

Present: Anthea Lints, Heather Davis, Rona Craig, Janette McLeod, Carolyn Tough, Helen Maxwell, Barbara Bell, Gillian McKirdy.

1  Apologies

All present.

2  Minutes and Matters Arising of Meeting 9 May 2023

Approved by C Tough and seconded by B Bell

Actions had been carried out. The Golf Outing and Summer Outing had been successes.

3  President's Report

Nothing to report

4  Treasurer's Report

Balance £724.78. Significant negative difference from previous meeting because Bruntsfield Golf Club had still to be paid for President's Dinner and £500 had been paid to the Balcony Fund.

5  Ice Allocation and Club Programme

Ice Allocation had been received earlier than anticipated. However, subsequent to placing our ice request, ECC informed members of the delay to opening though extending the season by a week. Consequently, CLCC has lost 2 weeks. It was agreed that the Leagues were the most important and that Points and Pairs would be dropped with the intention of reinstating next season. Haymarket game would also not happen as they have not been allocated ice on the usual customary day in January. This means that L1, L2, KO and Thirds would fit the allocation as well as the 3 Bonspiels. If, however, there is a further delay the Programme would have to be looked at again.

An update to members would be sent.                                                                               Action: RC

6  New Season's Documents

a)  President's Summer Newsletter AL

b)  Payment slips x 3 JMcL

c)  Opening Bonspiel and Lunch

d)  Privacy Policy RC

Given the circumstances it was agreed to delay the issue of these till 11 Sep with a return date of 22 Sep. By then we should have a better idea of ice costs.                                    Action: JMcL; RC

7  Syllabus

Booklet agreed. Action: RC

8  Rinks for Season 2023-24

Done according to the formula. 26 Full members, 5 Reserves and 2 Associates.

9  Murrayfield and Province Competitions

a. Midlothian Province Bonspiel (VP) 2 Rinks

b. RCCC District Medal (VP) 1 Rink. Once Scottish Curling has done the draw we will know if we're Home or Away.

Home – ask Curl Edinburgh for 3 dates and times (it might be a good idea to contact the opponents to ascertain suitable days and times first). Then ask which of the 3 dates they'd prefer.

Away – they will offer us 3 dates and times. Before agreeing consult with the team that they are available. NB the Rink represents the club so each player should have a club badge to hand over to her counterpart. (we forgot last year!)

c. Midlothian Province Waldie-Griffith – InterProvince Competiton

d. Midlothian v Borders Pate Trophy – usually March annual match v Borders

e. HB – CLCC has not entered a team but C Tough and R Addinall have. 8 teams entered so Curl Edinburgh will again be permitted to have 2 Rinks in the Final

10  AOCB

a. Reminder that ECC AGM is 13 Sep @7 pm in St Ninian's Church, Corstorphine.

11  Date of next Meeting

1 Nov 2023 (an extra one may be slotted in prior depending on necessity!)

Meeting closed at 12.30 pm.