Minutes - 1 Feb 23


Minutes Committee Meeting

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Curl Edinburgh 12 noon

Present: K Dalland, A Lints, R Craig, J McLeod, J Milliken, H Davis, L Cruickshank, C Tough

1. Apologies


2. Minutes of previous meeting 23.11.2022 and matters arising

Approved Kim, seconded Heather.

3. Competitions

District Medal contested at Ayr against Dundonald. Corstorphine Ladies won with M Barry, R Addinall, R Craig and J Bruce.

Midlothian Province –Both teams entered lost by one point. Overall winner was Carrington, of which Heather was a part.

Sellar – an MCL competition open to teams from around Scotland and played over 2 days. Of the 16 finalists 10 were from Corstorphine Ladies. Kim, Janette were in the runners up team in the Low Road; Rona, Jane Bruce, Fiona Smith were in the runners up of the High Road; Maggie Barry, Ruth Addinall, Avril Anderson were in the winners of the High Road and Carolyn and Heather in the winners of the Low Road.

Four Nations – held in Aberdeen as host nation Ireland don't have curling rinks. Kim and Rona were selected.

4. President's Report

Kim advised her report would be covered in subsequent items. She did say that we were strong as a club

5. Treasurer's Report

Balance as of 1 February 2023 £1710.92

6. President's Dinner 22.02.2023

Kim thanked Anthea for negotiating with Bruntsfield Golf Club. Carvery menu had been chosen. Welcome drink of Proseco or a soft drink. Kim would organise the entertainment. A quiz for the table and a Beetle Drive for after were suggested. Action: KD

Attendees will be asked to pay the £32 into CLCC account. The deadline date was moved forward to 8 February. Action: RC

Unfortunately 22nd Feb is Ash Wednesday a day Catholics fast so it will preclude some members from attending.

7. AGM and Prize Giving

Due to lack of facilities at Curl Edinburgh now, this will be held at St Ninian's Church Halls, Corstorphine 15 March at 10.30. Cost is £22.50 per hour and 2 hours have been booked. Kim will bring tea/coffee, milk and sugar. Action: KD

Attendees asked if, if possible, bring a cake or tray bakes. It was thought to charge £3pp. Action: RC

Membership – though formal membership forms are issued end of July, it is helpful to have an indication of members' intentions for 2023-24 by the AGM. Action:RC

Anthea raised the issue of a Reserves' status. They pay a membership fee and for ice when they play but what is their status? It was agreed a definition of this is required. Action: AL

Trophies – all trophies to be returned by 1 March so they can be engraved.

Committee Members – according to the Constitution all 4 Committee members are due to come off this AGM. Unfortunately the rolling system for continuity has de-rolled! However to maintain this continuity, at least 2 should demit and 2 new ones found. Nominations will be sought for 2 new members. Action: RC

Anthea takes over as President and she will find a new vice!! Janette indicated she has been Treasurer before anyone can remember so she'd be happy to relinquish the role!

Skips' Picks Meeting – Carolyn will organise a meeting with skips' preferably before the AGM. Action: CT

8. Summer Outing

Rona suggested a visit to the 'Clydesdale Experience'! A lady in Edinburgh Ladies has a farm near Penicuik where she keeps Clydesdale horses and attends shows with them. They offer packages. However only Wednesday in June available is the 7th. It was agreed to book one – half hour presentation and a half hour carriage ride plus tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes. Cost £25pp. Start time 11am. Action: RC

9. Golf Outing

Janette to book this annual event at Ratho GC on Wednesday 10 May. Action: JMcL

10. A.O.C.B.

Rona suggested making a trophy with the District Medals as currently 5 just sit in a box. This was not favoured.

Date of Next Meeting to be arranged by new Committee after AGM.