Knock-Out Results

Week 1:  7 Nov

G Black (K Murray) 11 (6 ends)    v    R Addinall 6 (2 ends)

M Barry 5 (3 ends)    v    C Tough 7 (5 ends)

A Anderson 7 (4 ends)    v    A M Ross 9 (4 ends)

Week 2:  14 Nov

Low Road Semi-Final                           High Road Semi-Final

R Addinall: 4 (4 ends)                            C Tough: 10 (4 ends)

v                                                             v

M Barry: 4 (4 ends)                                A M Ross: 3 (3 ends)

Ruth won by drawing to the button

Bye: A Anderson                                   Bye: G Black

On 14 November one team gets a bye to the High Road Final and one to the Low Road Final, determined by:

High Road - ends, shots up, total shots

Low Road - ends, least negative shots, total shots

Week 3:  21 Nov

Low Road Final                                    High Road Final

R Addinall                                             G Black

v                                                             v

A Anderson                                           C Tough

Winner:        A. Anderson  5 - 4            Winner:       C. Tough  8 - 4


  • G Black, K Murray, S McErlean and B Bell
  • C Tough, R Craig, H Ferry and A Heneaghan
  • R Addinall, M Grant, H Davis and J Sinclair
  • A Anderson, M Beaumont, J Milliken and H Maxwell.