Minutes - 16 Feb 22


Wednesday 16 February 2022 - Murrayfield 12.15 pm

Present: K Dalland, A Lints, R Craig, J McLeod, L Cruickshank, C Tough, H Davis.

1 Apologies

J Milliken

2 Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising -2 February 2022

Proposed by Kim; seconded by Anthea.

AOCB item d - Janette explained that she and Heather had not yet met to try HTML. However Heather agreed to be deputy web site keeper. Janette is away next week but she will show Heather what to do when she returns. Action: JMcL; HD

Rona also suggested the Minutes should be on the web. This was agreed. Action: JMcL

3 Skips' Ballot

Margaret Grant has agreed to stand if there's no one else - proposed by Kim and Jill Black. Helen Ferry has also said she'd like to stand - proposed by Maggie Barry & Avril Anderson. Carolyn also proposed Heather which had been seconded by Ruth Addinall. As well as Anne Marie's position, Ruth has decided to stand down and to also become a Reserve. Avril may be away October and November and has asked advice on her membership status. However Ruth has offered to play, as skip, in her place so they would arrange a job share.

Kim to speak to Margaret Grant to see if she wishes to continue to stand. If so there will be a ballot. Papers need to be ready for Wed 23 as returns have to be back by 2 March (as agreed at last meeting). Returns to be anonymous and placed in a box. Action: KD; RC

4 Closing Bonspiel Arrangements - 23 March 2022

a. Bonspiel - Discussion re format concluded it should be progressive.

Discussion re why members have to sign up rather than opt out. However it was decided to continue with this so a sign up sheet will be put on board and will include choice of drinks. Reserves are invited to play and/or join for lunch, as are the Associates for lunch. Payment for the lunch to be transferred by each member into the club account by Friday 18 March. Action: RC

b. Lunch - finger foods was preferred to sandwiches if possible + small tray bakes and tea/coffee - no soup. As it's a 9.30 game that day, lunch would be c noon. Drinks was discussed and it was decided to ask that a catering staff member came round at the beginning of the lunch to offer everyone a glass of red or white wine or elderflower cordial. The club to pay for the drinks. To be discussed with Paul. Action: RC

c. AGM - to follow lunch. Agenda as previous years.

d. Prize giving - to follow AGM. Kim has all the trophies and will get them engraved after the last game of L2. The Thirds trophy will have to be done at a later date but before the AGM. She has already purchased all the necessary gifts. Action: KD

5 Summer Outing

15 June agreed. Rona still awaiting response from Abbotsford. Jupiter Arts Garden near Ratho would be alternative if this falls through. Sign up sheet required for AGM. Action: RC

6 Golf Outing

11 May agreed. Janette will investigate Ratho Park GC again though unsure if Alison Heneaghan will be available. She, Janette and Jill are able to get a discount. Non playing members are invited to walk round accompanying players. Sign up sheet required for AGM. Action: JMcL

Discussion re a croquet outing concluded that it could be arranged for August.


a. Fixture List 2022-23 - same as 2022-23 so require 66 sheets. Discussion re having Pairs on same day but too complicated because CLCC has a Low Road and a High Road. However preferable if the 2 weeks were consecutive. Kim to speak to Pentland about a possible date to allow this, ie 22 Feb 2023. Action: KD

b. KO & Thirds - keep same teams.

c. Booklet - Rona had done an example of the 2 booklets suggested at last meeting - one for the Constitution and info; the other for Rinks and Fixture List. However it was decided there was so little in the former and the cost would be greater, that it was decided to continue with status quo.

d. 40th Anniversary - Rona pointed out that 2023 would be 40 years since the club began. It was decided to have some sort of celebration in September 2023.

e. Anne Marie - Rona suggested doing something small and low key at the Closing Bonspiel/AGM as a tribute. It was decided that members would be asked to wear something purple. Also there are photos in the CLCC photo album which could be used to make a collage. Kim also has some. Action: RC; KD

Next meeting in August to prepare for season 2022-23.Enter your text here...