Minutes - 21 Feb 24



Wednesday 21 February 2024 11.30 am

Present: A Lints, H Davis, R Craig, J McLeod, G McKirdy, B Bell, C Tough, H Maxwell

1  Apologies

Meeting held before coffee as 3 members had to leave early.

2  Treasurer's Report

Janette reported that after all ins and outs account balance was £1122.88.

3  40th Celebration Dinner

Anthea updated on the Dinner at Cannonball House on 27 March.

  • Attendees to gather in the bar area 7 pm for 7.30 pm. Meal in a private room which we have the room till 10.30 pm.
  • Currently we have 21 members attending.
  • Anthea thought the restaurant may wish us to pre-order our choices but, as menu changes every month, she will not have the March menu till end February. 3 courses with 3 choices for each. Action: AL
  • It was suggested we move around after each course but this would be difficult if folk were sharing bottles of wine.
  • As bank balance was healthy, Club would pay for a welcome drink – eg prosecco, orange juice, elderflower.
  • Members to buy own wine. Janette pointed out this could sometimes become complicated so those buying the wine should ensure staff know it's not the Club.
  • Memento – Anthea had found a source for lapel pin badges and her son and partner had produced a design. This was unanimously approved as being excellent. Thanks to them. Unfortunately the Company were awaiting stocks of said badges which meant timescale tight for 27 March. If not ready in time, Anthea will give out cardboard facsimile discs which will be replaced with real thing once available. Gillian offered to check a source and Janette suggested the Company we deal with for Club badges though Rona thought they had increased the prices significantly. She would check invoices for address. Action: AL, RC, GMcK
  • Janette suggested we all wear something red but it was agreed attendees just wear what they wished.
  • Entertainment – Heather had a Bingo set and agreed we would play that. Discussion about when but perhaps after main course before dessert. Action: HD

Tina to be asked to devise one of her quizzes. Action: RC, JMcL

Helen Ferry has agreed to bring her guitar for a sing song after meal.

3   AGM

There has been a bit of confusion re holding meetings in club rooms. However Rona has confirmed with Jenny Barr and Aaron that meetings of over 10 can be held, though not in the evenings. Cost is £10+£2 Vat. But the issue is noise. On 20 March CLCC has 3 sheets at 9.30am; Haymarket are not playing but VETs have 4 sheets at 10am, Pentland are on at 1215. VETs stop for coffee half way through and, though some remain afterwards for lunch, if we, as intended, have lunch first then the AGM, noise should be limited except us!! It was agreed that this would be much preferred than getting along to Corstorphine. Therefore Church hall to be cancelled and club room to be booked. Action:RC

Meeting finished at 12.10 pm