Summer Outing 2022

Summer Outing - 15 June 2022

Here is a message from Rona about our Summer Outing:

Visit to Abbotsford, home of Sir Walter Scott, by train.

We have booked a guided tour of the House and then you can wander through the gardens at your leisure. We suggest travelling as a group by train from Waverley to Tweedsbank but purchasing your own ticket. Once there you have the option of walking up the river to the House or getting the minibus. You may wish to walk but if raining on the day you can change your mind! The visit will be followed by lunch of soup and sandwiches + tea/coffee and homemade shortbread. Return to station by minibus or walking!

Costs Abbotsford entry £12.20

Lunch approx £10

Minibus approx £1 each way

Minibus is by "donation".

If anyone else, particularly those not at the AGM, would like to join us please let me know by Wednesday 20 April and if you'd like the minibus. I need to confirm numbers with Abbotsford, Tour times, lunch and minibus. Once all this is confirmed we'll be asking for payment!!!

Train - Off peak return is £12.70

Standard Return £23.80

I therefore suggest catching the 0942 at Waverley arriving 1043 at Tweedbank, meeting at Waverley about 9.20.

And then the 1549 return. (if preferred there are also trains at 1520 or 1621). These are all Off Peak trains.



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