Opening Bonspiel Results


Our return to curling was certainly different, but hopefully everybody was happy to be back on the ice.  Here are the results of our Opening Bonspiel - on this occasion only the final scores are shown.  In our serious competitions, full info, eg on ends, will be given.

Grant v Ross:    7-5

Margaret G, Jane M, Heather, Anthea    v    Anne Marie, Helen F, Isobel, Lucille

Black v Craig:    3-8

Jill, Kath, Pauline, Kim    v    Rona, Marjorie, Janette, Jane S

Anderson v Tough:    4-8

Avril, Alison, Margaret S, Helen M    v    Carolyn, Tina, Barbara, Jane B

***************    Congratulations to the Winners:  Rona, Marjorie, Janette, Jane S    ****************