Minutes - 9 May 23

Minutes Committee Meeting on Tuesday 9 May 2023 at 10 am at the President's home


Anthea Lints, Heather Davis, Rona Craig, Janette McLeod, Carolyn Tough, Helen Maxwell, Barbara Bell, Gillian McKirdy

1. Apologies


2. Minutes of the previous meeting 1 February 2023 and the AGM 15.03.2023

Approved by C Tough; seconded by H Davis

AGM – Approved by C Tough; seconded by B Bell

However Helen raised the matter that item 10 was not strictly accurate as the sentence 'She will gradually hand over to the new Treasurer as the summer and next season progresses so that she will be in post by AGM 2024.' had not actually been said though that was the intention. Action: JMcL; HM

Heather will liaise with Janette to take on full responsibility for the website. Action: JMcL; HD

3. Matters Arising

Minutes 1 Feb 2023 Item 7 Anthea had subsequently thought that asking for a donation of £3 (towards hire of hall) to attend the AGM was not right so it wasn't done.

Item 10 District medals – Rona raised the matter again of what to do with them. It had been suggested they be made into some sort of trophy. The winning club receives a medal via its Secretary. After a bit of discussion it was decided to present the medal to the skip at prizegiving. Therefore the 2023 medal will be presented retrospectively to Maggie Barry and her team, Ruth Addinall, Rona Craig and Jane Bruce. The other members will receive medals from the collection. It was important that CLCC was represented and won. Subsequent years, as the collection diminishes, only the skip will be presented.

Item 7 membership – It was agreed to add the following to the Reserve form and to include in booklet

  • Reserves will pay £10 ice money for each game played.
  • In a 5 person team, Standdown members will be asked before a Reserve but should not play against their own team.
  • Reserves will play at Lead or in Thirds games at Second.
  • Our Reserves should always be asked before the Centre Reserve List.
  • Reserves are eligible to play in matches representing the Club but will be selected only if no full members are available.

Scottish Curling Strategic Plan – important to attend a meeting or a Zoom one and comment. Some Committee hadn't seen it so Rona will send to all members. Action: RC

4. President's Report


5. Treasurer's Report

There was a bit of confusion re £500 payment to MCL/EEC. Janette subsequently checked and attached are Accounts as of 10 May 2023. We have a healthy balance of £1479.52.

6. Constitution item 3

It was agreed at AGM that number of Committee members should be reduced to more reflect the number of club members. This was discussed and a motion will be put to AGM 2024 reflecting this.

The Club shall, at the Annual General Meeting, elect a President and a Vice-President who shall hold office for two years, a Secretary and a Treasurer to be elected for two years and shall be eligible for re-election, and six four members. These ten eight ladies will form a management committee, five four to constitute a quorum. Two members of the committee shall retire each year and will not be eligible for re-election until one year has passed, but a retiring member may be appointed Vice-President without any interval of time.

7. Ice Allocation and Club Programme

Rona had received an initial ice request from ECC. The intention is to open wb 2 October 2023 but this will depend on the works and how long it gives staff to clean up and lay the ice. However based on a 12/12 pre and post Christmas split Rona requested 3 sheets per Wednesday. Some sheets will need to be cancelled depending when we play KO final, Pairs and Points. It should mean that the Haymarket game can be re-instated. As the ice rink is continuing with staggered times also asked if we would prefer the same time pre Christmas and then the staggered time post Christmas (9.30/10am) or mixing the times up throughout the season. Rona said the former as it would save confusion and reminders being sent!! But it will also depend on Haymarket's request. Hopefully programme can be confirmed at August meeting.

8. Succession Planning

Re Treasurer and Secretary – Helen agreed to be proposed as Treasurer at AGM 2024. She will shadow Janette throughout the coming season. No-one on the existing Committee was keen to take on the role of Secretary following Rona's intention to retire at the end of season 2023/24. A general request will go out to club members in due course. Action: RC

Heather was presented with the VP badge as she hadn't been at the AGM.

9. Summer Outing

Janette with Jill have organised the Golf Outing. 17 going to the Clydesdale Horses on 7 June. Need to send a reminder of location and time. Action: RC

10. 40th Anniversary event

After a bit of discussion it was decided that the best time would be February 2024.

11. A.O.C.B.

a. Rona has sent a card on behalf of CLCC to Kirsty Galloway on the sudden loss of her husband.

b. Janette requested reimbursement for the Golf prizes as did Anthea for Kim's flowers. Janette also said Rona should claim for the postage for the uniforms ordered.

c. Barbara will take on the role of Register Keeper. Rona gave her a guidance sheet but she will also contact Jane Milliken. Rona will put the scores on the Board as she collects in the cards anyway.

12. Date of next meeting

August but tbc.

Meeting closed for coffee and cake at 11.31 am