Leads and Seconds

  • Leads should toss a coin before the bell.
  • The lead that is due to play should NOT help sort stones but be ready in the hack.
  • Either lead or second should set up the skip's stone before she comes down to play.
  • Seconds keep the scoreboard and scorecard up to date. Preferably done by the one not due to play first and ensuring not in the way.


  • Be ready to assist the skip if asked.  Learn the ice at every opportunity.
  • Remember what ice you gave the skip for her first stone.
  • Agree the score at each end.   Measure the stones if necessary.  But don't use a brush -  get the Measure.


  • Skips should limit discussion with Thirds (as skips) to ensure that 8 ends are played.
  • Non-playing skips should conceal their broom and be still when the opposition is about to play.
  • Never turn your back on a stone. Always consider "plan B".
  • Acknowledge shots played or attempted.
  • If a shot is well played but the ice was wrong, let the player know.
  • Settle the shot and the ice with the Third before leaving the head.
  • Skips sign the scorecard.


  • All players should be ready to play when the bell rings. They should be at the hack when it is their turn with their stone cleaned and sliding sole ready.
  • Do not disturb the concentration of other players, eg do not move your broom or chat whilst opposing players are in the hack.
  • Only the Skip and Third should be in the head.
  • Only Thirds should be in the house until the score is agreed.
  • Do not walk 2 abreast down the ice and keep your broom by your side.
  • Do not cross the ice while a skip is giving directions for the next shot or in front of a running stone.
  • Sweepers should stay between the hog lines while the opposition throws. However, the player who is next to play may stand behind the stones to await her turn.
  • If you think it is required, start to sweep immediately, but be alert (look and listen) for the skip's instructions.
  • You may sweep from tee line to tee line. Only playing skips or their nominee can sweep behind the tee line. Non-playing skips may only sweep an opponent's stone after it reaches the tee line.
  • Players should return to the hog line after sweeping.
  • Keep hands and knees off the ice. If you need to have a hand or knee on the ice for balance get up as soon as possible and don't watch your stone while the ice melts.
  • A moving stone touched accidentally with the brush or foot is reported to the skips. Any stones it displaces are replaced to the satisfaction of both skips.


  • It is everyone's responsibility to keep all other players safe. If a stone is wayward yell ICE! And if stones are likely to go onto another sheet it is the sweepers responsibility to gather them in.
  • Check kippers and ensure they are not worn.
  • Wear safety head gear.

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