Minutes - AGM 2024


Minutes AGM 2024

WEDNESDAY 20 MARCH 1150am in Club room


A Lints, R Craig, J McLeod, H Davis, T Brown, J Milliken, L Cruickshank, A Anderson, M Beaumont, K Murray, A Hendry, I Edwards, F Macrae, F Smith, B Bell, S Skene, EK Cargill, JM Bruce, J Sinclair, M Grant, G McKirdy, C Tough,

M Barry, R Addinall,

1. Apologies

H Maxwell, G Black, H Ferry, M Wilkie, J Browitt

Anthea mentioned the reason for Helen Ferry's absence. Our thoughts are with her.

2. Minutes of AGM 2023

Approved. Proposed by K Murray; seconded by M Beaumont

3. Matters Arising


4. President's Report

It was a privilege to be President and Anthea thanked Rona, Heather, Janette, other Committee members and all members for their support. The season ends with Corstorphine Ladies celebrating 40th Anniversary and the usual Golf and Summer Outings had been held.

A couple of new members had joined and we'd all enjoyed the new club area. However the late start meant a shorter season which necessitated dropping the Points and the Pairs as well as Haymarket game. The Committee had also reissued the Etiquette sheet which was hoped would encourage speedier play. It had become aware of issues with the management of 5 person teams.

Many Corstorphine Ladies had participated in EWC and Curl Edinburgh competitions as well as external ones.

The Swedish Tour had been successful and the Canadian Tourists will be in Scotland in 1-22 November (postponed from 2020) and in Edinburgh Wed 13.

Anthea thanked Janette who is retiring as Treasurer and Carolyn who has completed an extra year. We need 2 ladies to join the Committee and, though Rona has agreed to stay on as Secretary for another year, one of whom should be prepared to be a secretary in training!

(Full Report attached)

5. Treasurer's Report

Janette handed out the Accounts (attached) and explained most costs had been drinks for members!

6. Amendment to Constitution Item 3

The Committee proposes the Constitution Item 3 regarding number of Committee Members be amended from

"a President and a Vice President who shall hold office for two years, a Secretary and a Treasurer to be elected for two years and shall be eligible for re-election, and six members. These ten ladies will form a management committee.


"a President and a Vice President who shall hold office for two years, a Secretary and a Treasurer to be elected for two years and shall be eligible for re-election, and maximum of four members. These ten ladies will form a management committee."

Passed unanimously. Action: RC

7. Summer Outing Wed 26 June

To Jupiter Artland with lunch to follow. Rona circulated sign up sheet. Action: AL

8. Club Golf Day Wed 1 May

This year to Ravelston Golf Course and being organised by H Maxwell. Walkers welcome. Sign up sheet circulated. Action: HM

9. Membership and Club programme for 2024-2025

Kim dalland and Kathleen Laird were stepping down as Reserves, leaving us with just 3. Jane Milliken pointed out we therefore needed more Reserves. Rona agreed especially as, though we have the EWC Reserve List, most of them are CLCC and Pentland members.

Jane Sinclair had decided to become an Associate. Jane had been Secretary in 2017 when she'd asked Rona to do the Minutes for a Committee Meeting while she was on holiday. Unfortunately and sadly Jane had been recalled to London as her son had taken seriously ill. The then President and Vice asked Rona to take on the role and, despite being in London and the worry, Jane sent notes itemising the month-by-month tasks, as well extra bits and pieces. Rona thanked her for all she'd done and presented her with a small gift.

Marjorie raised the matter of the Thirds being over 3 weeks and why not 2 as was pre-covid as it was tiring. This started when we weren't allowed to touch stones used by others and the reduction in ice time due to covid. Prior to that the format was 2 games of 4 ends (rarely achieved) using the Schenkel system over 2 weeks. However the format of a full game over each of 3 weeks was preferred as this gave everyone, not just 3rds, the opportunity to play further up the rink for a full game. Marjorie, supported by Isobel, said it also wasn't fair on Skips who had to play Lead. Some Skips said they liked it and also that it made the competition more realistic. Carolyn also suggested that if we want to encourage 8 ends then that would never be possible as scores had to be worked out between the games.

It was agreed to maintain the 3 week format. Action: RC; Committee

The argument of not having it before Christmas was explained. At that time in the season Thirds, particularly new ones, didn't have enough experience. However it was agreed to hold the Thirds before L2.

This apart the Programme 2024-25 was agreed as same previously. Rona, however, did explain that it would depend on when the season began and ended, ice allocation given and when Christmas and New Year fell just how everything would fit in. Action: RC; Committee

10. Election of new Committee Members

2 Ladies urgently required!! One Secretary urgently required!!!

Helen Maxwell has been shadowing Janette recently with a view to taking on the role of Treasurer. Proposed H Davis; seconded M Barry. Duly elected.

11. A.O.C.B.

A. Kath raised the issue of Stand Downs in 5 person teams

This season's draw had resulted in

2 ladies had 3 Stand downs

11 had 2

10 had 1

3 had none

Someone suggested that some may be because folk had requested a stand down for holidays. However Kath replied that her calculations were based on the Rinks as printed in the booklet and did not take into consideration any personal requests. It was pointed out that, as everyone pays the same, these figures appear unfair. Though we have a formula for Rink selection, the Committee should make some tweeks to ensure fairness. This was approved and the Committee will endeavour to ensure greater fairness.

Action: Committee

B. Cost of Reserve ice fee.

Last year it had been approved to raise this to £10. However this was questioned as appropriate. Centre Reserves pay nothing, Ford is £5, Colinton is £10, Edinburgh Ladies is £5? Fiona thought it was £10.

After a bit of discussion it was agreed to put it back to £5.

C. Competitions in which CLCC participates and is always well represented

a. EWC (Ladies Centre competitions)

(i) Ladies Centre Bonspiel – 8 + 4 under another club

(ii) President's Pitcher

(iii) Fulton Salver – 11 + 3

(iv) Seniors -11 and won by M Barry, R Addinall, A Anderson and A Lints

b. Curl Edinburgh competitions

(i) Monday League

Not yet complete

(ii) Sellar – an Open Competition. Won by Team Barry which included R Addinall and A Anderson.

c. other external ones – CLCC again always represented

(i) Pate – 3 Feb @ Kelso no winners but enjoyed by our Team.

G Black, J Bruce, J McLeod, L Cargill

(ii) Midlothian Province Bonspiel – 29 Jan 2 CLCC teams entered. The overall scores taken into account

G Black, R Craig, S Skene, A Lints

H Ferry, M Grant, J McLeod, J Bruce

(iii) BHF – 16 Feb

G Black, F Smith, J Bruce, I Edwards

Well Done Ladies!

D. Relevant AGM dates

(i) Edinburgh Women's Curling (our Ladies Centre) Monday 8 April @1030 in Club room at Curl Edinburgh. t/c from 10am

(ii) Ladies Branch – Tuesday 14 May @2pm at Stranraer Ice Rink

(iii) RCCC – Saturday 29 June 2024 tbc

(iv) ECC/MCL tbc

12. Presentation of Trophies

(Attached winners)

Close of Meeting 1250pm

Followed by Lunch.Enter your text here...