Minutes of AGM - 15 Mar 23


AGM 2023 Minutes


St Ninian's Church, Corstorphine

Present: Committee – Kim Dalland, Anthea Lints, Rona Craig, Lucille Cruickshank, Jane Milliken, Carolyn Tough.

Helen Ferry, Jane Browitt, Isobel Edwards, Marjorie Beaumont, Audrey Hendry, Helen Maxwell, Barbara Bell, Avril Anderson, Ruth Addinall, Kath Murray, Margaret Grant, Fiona Smith, Maggie Barry, Jane Sinclair, Gillian McKirdy, Tina Brown.

Kim welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1. Apologies

Janette McLeod, Heather Davis Evelyn Baird, Pauline Alexander, Liz Cargill, Frieda Macrae, Gillian Black.

2. Minutes of AGM 2022

Proposed by K Murray; seconded by A Anderson

3. Matters Arising

a. same rink for KO and Thirds – last year it was decided to trial this idea. After a brief discussion it was voted against – 1. Members forgot who was in their rink; 2. They competitions don't run consecutively; 3. At CLCC variety was important and changing rinks provided better socialising. So for season 2023-24 we will revert to different rinks.

b. £500 donation to balcony extension project – discussed and agreed last year on the proviso it was going ahead. As of March 2023, the work has gone out to tender and MCL are discussing which to accept. Therefore this donation has now been made and a thank you received.

Jane Sinclair asked if CLCC would contribute any more. Not at the moment but it would depend on how the situation evolves.

c. Job Share – Avril, full member, and Ruth, reserve, were to job share for the first half of the season when Avril was away and this had been agreed. Kim explained, however, at the time we agreed the deal with Avril and Ruth we didn't know how the numbers were going to add up. As it turned out we had a fifth player, and therefore it was thought we shouldn't have a rink with stand down days.

4. President's Report

Kim acknowledged how so many CLCC ladies participated in Ladies Centre and Curl Edinburgh events as well as outside competitions. (See attached)

5. Treasurer's Report

In Janette's absence, Rona read out her Report which has been audited. Helen Maxwell asked about the £500 donation to MCL as it was not listed. As well as various other items mentioned in the Report this also needs to be deducted so the bank balance should read £1052. (See attached)

6. Summer Outing Wed 7 June

Visit to Clydesdale Horse Centre – Peggyslea Farm, Nine Mile Burn, Penicuik. They had featured on 'Landward' which covered a Clydesdale Horse Competition in Aberdeen. We will get a brief Presentation about the horses and then a carriage ride. Lunch of sandwiches; cakes and tea/coffee included. Cost £25pp. A sign up sheet was passed round. (Apologies to ladies who are allergic to horses – never thought about that) Those who weren't at the AGM are welcome to join the group.

7. Golf Outing Wednesday 10 May

Janette has organised tee times of 10am, 10.07 and 10.14. Cost £16 + £13 for a light lunch. Format as usual. Sign Up sheet passed round. This is also open to Walkers. In recent years this merry band has grown and now sometimes take a wee detour! Anyone wishing to join the golfers (handicap not necessary) or the walkers are welcome.

8. Hand Over to Incoming President

Kim handed over the President's badge to Anthea, who thanked Kim for her term as President during an especially difficult period with covid. Kim received a Past President's badge. (Apologies to Kim – we forgot the flowers)

9. Membership and Club Programme 2023-24

No members leaving. Frieda joining as a full member; Susan Skene, a lady flitting from Forfar, intends joining. A friend of Avril's intends joining either full or reserve. Total then 27/28. We will have 3 definite + 2/3 possible reserves. However we will have 3/4 five people rinks so stand downs, who take priority over reserves, will be available if needed.

The programme will depend on the balcony work and any delays encountered. If there is a delay in start of season it will likely be extended but number of weeks may just be 24 as this past season. CLCC programme therefore likely to be similar to this season.

Marjorie asked if we could still have a lunch after our last game, even if it wasn't a Bonspiel. Hopefully by next year Paul will have a kitchen and we can. Discussion about going to Kinross for a Closing Bonspiel and Lunch. However it all depends on when Curl Edinburgh closes, how many weeks the season will be, and the new facilities. But these ideas will be considered.

10. Election of Committee Members

Anthea explained that with covid the 2 year stint and roll over of Committee Members had got out of kilter. Lucille Cruickshank and Jane Milliken will stand down; Anthea has asked Heather Davis to be her Vice and she has agreed, Carolyn will remain for another year only, if the membership agrees. Approved.

Janette, after 13 years, has decided to stand down as Treasurer. She will gradually hand over to the new Treasurer as the summer and next season progresses so that she will be in post by AGM 2024.

Similarly, Rona intends standing down as Secretary at the AGM 2024.

It means that next year a further 3 will be required and thus the rolling system is back in place.

For this next season new members - Helen Maxwell -proposed by Avril; seconded by Maggie Barry

- Gillian McKirdy – proposed by Kath; seconded by Margaret Grant

- Barbara Bell – proposed by Jane Sinclair and Audrey Hendry

New Committee thus elected.

Anthea also mentioned the ambiguity in the wording of item 3 in the Constitution. The new Committee would look in to this and put a motion to the AGM 2024.

11. AOCB

a. Ladies Centre and Curl Edinburgh competitions – it was hoped CLCC would continue to support these as well as usual.

b. other AGM dates

(i) Edinburgh Women's Curling (our Ladies Centre) – Monday 24 April 10am for 1015 at St Ninian's, Corstorphine.

(ii) Ladies Branch – Saturday 13 May 2pm at Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton.

(iii) RCCC – Saturday 1 July 2pm at Forfar Indoor Centre.

(iv) ECC/MCL – tbc.

(v).EEC/MCL EGM – Tuesday 28 March 7pm at St Ninian's, Corstorphine. An email went out to all members re this.

c. Reserves ice fee – Kath suggested that this be raised to £10. Discussion re the Ladies Centre reserves didn't pay a fee; but they were doing clubs a favour and not members of that club. Reserves pay £20 membership fee so what did they get for that? Reserves are given the opportunity to play in any sign up games, ie Bonspiels, Points, Pairs.

Kath then proposed the increase to £10, seconded by Jane Sinclair – passed 18 votes. Avril proposed that no charge be made for sign ups. Seconded by Tina Brown. Again passed 18 votes.

d. Christmas Bonspiel – it was unanimously decided that having a theme and dressing up had been exhausted. Therefore Christmas jumpers would be sufficient.

e. International 3 day Coaching event in Prague - Maggie wondered if anyone was interested as it was for all levels of ability. Cost in the region of £1000.

f. Ladies Centre ice fees – Ruth thanked Janette for collecting in fees from those playing in the Centre competitions. It means only one payment necessary to the Ladies Centre from CLCC ladies.

g. And finally! – Rona had noticed that this year 2023 is the 40th Anniversary of the Club. Did we wish to recognise this with perhaps a Dinner near the beginning of the season before the end of 2023? It was thought we probably should. The Committee would look in to this.

This being all the business Kim and Anthea presented the prizes to the winners.

Meeting closed at 1145am.