Minutes of AGM March 2022

Minutes of AGM March 2022

WEDNESDAY 23 MARCH at c  12.45 pm

(due to a misunderstanding the AGM was @ 1145 am with lunch after)

Present: Committee - Kim Dalland, Anthea Lints, Rona Craig, Janette McLeod, Heather Davis, Lucille Cruickshank, Jane Milliken, Carolyn Tough.

Helen Ferry, Jane Browitt, Isobel Edwards, Gillian Black, Marjorie Beaumont, Evelyn Baird, Audrey Hendry, Helen Maxwell, Barbara Bell, Avril Anderson, Kath Murray, Margaret Grant, Jane Bruce, Fiona Smith, Maggie Barry.

1  Apologies

Alison Heneaghan (hospital as knee not responding), Pauline Alexander (London), Betty Watt, Jane Sinclair, Tina Brown, Liz Cargill (latter 4 all covid related).

2  Minutes of AGM 2021 (on Zoom)

Approved by Gill Black; seconded by Kath Murray.

3  Matters Arising

Kath asked about the £500 that the club had agreed to give to the Balcony Extension Fund. Kim replied that we were waiting to see what was actually going to happen as the plan had been stalled but that we fully expected to donate.

4  President's Report - Kim Dalland

This must have been the closest Bonspiel in the club's history!  As it had finished on a draw the 2 skips, Maggie and Helen F, had to draw to the spot, with the latter winning. She also mentioned all the Corstorphine Ladies who had participated in external competitions.

Kim thanked the Committee in what had been a difficult year due to covid and the illness and injury of some of our members. The Reserves had played a vital role in subbing and we are very grateful to them. This year we tried to involve more Committee members with Anthea Lints being covid officer, Lucille Cruickshank Score Keeper, Heather Davis web site depute to Janette, and Carolyn Tough for liaising with skips, and Jane Milliken who had a busy time as Register Keeper.

She thanked everybody for wearing something purple for the Bonspiel as a tribute to Anne Marie, who was amused by the poem "Warning" by Jenny Joseph. She reminded all of the photos and information on display as a small tribute to Anne Marie, and also to the Club photo albums.

5  Treasurer's Report - Janette McLeod

The Accounts up to the end of February had been sent with the Agenda with the balance at £1235.75. This year £180 had been collected from Reserves while expenditure included flowers and cards for members when the occasion arose; drinks at the Bonspiels and prizes for the competitions. There were no questions.

6  Membership and Club programme for 2022-2023

Fiona Smith, Jane Bruce and Frieda Macrae intended joining next year while Liz Cargill and Jane Browitt would remain as reserves. Ruth Addinall was standing down as Skip but would job share with Avril Anderson, for the first half of the season and be a reserve for the second half. 3 members would also be away on Tour 17 Oct - 12 Nov. As there were only 2 nominations for the 2 vacancies for skips, Heather Davis and Helen Ferry would take on those roles.

There was a discussion about Points. Marjory Beaumont asked why it had not been played as there was a beautiful trophy for it and people enjoyed playing in it. Isobel Edwards supported this. It was explained that

  • it had been in the programme but the ice allocation did not come out till September and we could not get 30 March which we had programmed for the Closing Bonspiel and AGM thus we lost a day.
  • by then we had organised an extra game against Pentland Ladies
  • the last time it was played only 10 members participated and they came off early as they were cold.

Therefore it was decided to drop the Points as something had to go.  However if members desired it the Committee would look at ways to fit it in.  As Haymarket can only field 4 teams this year it might be possible to hold it then; Isobel didn't think that would work. Kim suggested holding it the day we play Pentland as they play the session after us. Options would be investigated.

Marjory also asked why the Thirds was over 3 weeks instead of over two with 2 games each week, as it was unfair on the Skips.  It was explained that

  • we had 15 minutes less time this year so the icemen had to sanitise the stones
  • with covid we were not supposed to swap rinks but use one set of stones each.

Therefore 3 games over 3 weeks seemed sensible. Rona thought this arrangement was actually better as it gave Thirds a better idea of skipping as well as the rest of the team also playing a position one up. This was the purpose of this Competition. Others, at the time, had said they thought it was good.

7  Summer Outing Wed 15 June

A Tour of Abbotsford has been arranged cost £12.50 followed by lunch of soup and sandwiches + tea/coffee and homemade shortbread approx. £10. Some may wish to take the option of going by train from Waverley with either walking up to Abbotsford or getting the minibus service - a donation of approx. £1 per way. Though going as a group by train, individuals should purchase their own ticket. Train times still to be investigated. Rona circulated the sign up sheet.

8  Club Golf Day Wed 11 May

Janette has organised 3 tee times at Ratho Park Golf Club. But because Alison probably would be unable to play, she has asked someone from the club to join the party to keep the cost to £15 pp otherwise it would have been £50. Lunch would be around £5.95 depending on the individual's choice. Janette would send the menu when numbers were confirmed. She circulated the signup sheet.


a   Ladies Centre and Murrayfield competitions - Kim had mentioned this in her Report

b  any other external ones - likewise

c  other AGM dates

Ladies Centre - Monday 11 April 10.30 for 11 am

Ladies Branch - Tuesday 10 May @ 2 pm in Forfar

RCCC - Saturday 20 August @ 2 pm in Dewar's Centre, Perth

ECC - Thursday 8 September @ 7 pm in the clubrooms.

d  Someone asked why there had been so many changes to the Thirds teams as the final version looked nothing like the original. Kim explained that with so many last minute call offs changes had been necessary and in order to keep to the essence of the competition it was done as best as possible. Isobel asked why the Thirds' teams weren't the same teams as the Second League. It was explained that the formula used by the club had been followed and it does not advocate this. Carolyn suggested it had been thought to use the same teams for the Thirds as the Knock Out. Rona read out an extract from the Minutes of a meeting in February 2016 when this had been discussed but had been voted against. There was some discussion about the pro and cons. Avril said she didn't think it a good idea as it was a different competition and variety was important, Jill supported this. It was decided to take a vote which was passed 6-3 with 14 abstentions. Kim said for next year we would trial using the KO teams for the Thirds.

10   Vote of Thanks to Murrayfield Staff

Kim thanked the catering staff, the icemen and the office staff for all their efforts to keep the Rink functioning, particularly this year.

Kim also apologised to Evelyn and expressed her pleasure at seeing her again.

11  Presentation of trophies

Followed lunch.

Close of Meeting 12.35 pm.

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