Curling & Covid 19


Message from Anthea, our Covid Officer

Curling & Covid 19

I have been asked by the committee of Corstorphine Ladies Curling Club to take on the role of COVID Officer.  For those of you who don't know me, I was the turkey at last year's Xmas luncheon and was hoping to come as a brussel sprout this year, but that will have to wait.

Purpose of the Role

To be the central point of contact for Corstorphine Ladies on all things related to Coronavirus.  This means you should let me know of any concerns you might have, and I will liaise with the appropriate person on your behalf.

To ensure records are kept of who is curling during any given session. This will be apparent from the team list on the scorecards.  This is necessary to inform any potential enquiries from the Government's Test & Protect infection tracking system.  However please be reassured that if you are unlucky enough to be infected by this nasty virus, contact tracing will be done confidentially by the NHS Contact Tracing Team.  An individual's right to privacy is paramount.

Murrayfield has played their part in ensuring the rink is safe and compliant with Scottish Government requirements.  I will pass on any relevant information as it evolves.  I may have to remind you from time to time (eg not to stand too close to one another, to follow the arrows, to refrain from overenthusiastic encouragement) - please forgive me in advance - it's my job!

Essential Reading

Please do read the latest Curl Edinburgh pre-season newsletter  It includes really helpful videos that show the new layout of the building and updated guidance on curling.  There is a tab marked Covid-19 and the videos are located there.

Please remember all curlers have a responsibility to act safely to avoid spreading the virus and should contact me if they have any queries or concerns.  Be aware of the symptoms & self-isolate and test if necessary.

Contact Details (outwith Wednesday sessions)

Anthea Lints       Mob:  07521 529730             Email:

Information & Resources

1)  Curl Edinburgh have published guidance

2)  Scottish Curling's Return to Curling Guidance, is here: They have also produced a short video:

3)  Latest Scottish Government guidance should be familiar to everyone (FACTS).

There are numerous guidance documents on the Scottish Government website and Prof. Jason Leitch videos as well as Nicola Sturgeon daily briefings.  Tests can be booked through or 0800 028 2816

In Summary:

  • No car sharing.
  • Arrive ready to play with only a change of footwear.  Storage racks for shoes have been installed in front of each sheet.
  • Sanitise your hands before play, be aware of cough & sneeze etiquette.  The rink will provide hand sanitisers.
  • Face coverings are to be worn within the building but may be removed when on the ice.
  • No handshakes, no hugs, no high fives, no fist bumps, no shouting!
  • If curlers do not have their own brush, cue or delivery aid, one will be made available (as last season) to each curler per session and sanitised between uses.
  • Edinburgh Curling Club holds members' details but participation will be recorded on an amended scorecard, by the second in the lead team using disposable pencils provided by the rink.  This must be completed before play commences - all names to be PRINTED. Non-club members who are playing that day for CLCC must provide contact details on the reverse of the scorecard.  (The new amended scorecard can be seen on the Curl Edinburgh website.)
  • Up to 7 sheets will be in play.  Sheets 1, 2 and 3 will be used for the earlier stagger time, then the rest 30 minutes later.  Stones will start from alternating ends.  The bell will ring after 1 hour 45 minutes.  It is important to stop and start promptly to give the staff time to clean between games.
  • To maintain physical distancing, there will be some restrictions to sweeping: Only one sweeper is permitted, the other players standing to the side of the sheet on the spots marked on the ice.  The designated sweeper should maintain a 2 m distance from the thrower.  No sweeping is permitted behind the tee line.  Players in charge of the head will remain behind the hack when it is not their turn and should not move forward to sweep any stones.  No player should sweep any stone during the opposition's turn.   (Only with prior agreement, the receiving skip may sweep into the house instead of the designated sweeper.)  See Curl Edinburgh video for clarification.
  • Communication between players is important in our sport, hand signals should be the default method, to reduce shouting where possible during games
  • If a player requires to clean the bottom of a stone, they should only do so using their brush head, avoiding using their hand or glove.
  • If a measure is required the player measuring must wipe down the measure with wipes available both before and after use.
  • Skips have to remove stones with their foot or brush; leads have to replace stones after each game likewise! 
  • Gloves should be used only for curling & washed after play.  Brushes etc. should be cleaned with disinfectant.
  • You may be wondering how curling fits in with the 'Rule of Six'.  The answer is a new concept called a 'Field of Play Bubble'.
  • There should be a maximum of nine people on any sheet of ice.  Participants on each sheet will form a 'Field of Play Bubble', meaning that they are exempt from the restrictions on the number of households allowed to gather.  Physical distancing must still be maintained within the bubble, and participants should avoid interacting with other bubbles.  When you are not on the ice the "bubble" no longer exists and normal physical distancing and household number guidelines (2 m and 2 households currently) should be followed.
  • Kim has visited Paul's cafĂ© and is pleased with their Covid compliant arrangements, a copy of which is on our website.  This is a first draft and I think details about loading money onto your card have been superceded by details from Curl Edinburgh & Wisepay and their decision that cash will not be accepted anywhere within the facility (25th Sept e-mail).

Smile & enjoy!

Plan B:

Best wishes


27th September 2020