Covid Guidelines Update

5 October 2020


The Opening Bonspiel gave us the opportunity to see how "Covid curling" would work. Here are this week's top 4 pitfalls, which are mostly in relation to social distancing (2 m with or without a mask).

1 SWEEPING - coldness and logic have resulted in a rethink.

  • Sweepers should always stand on the 4 dots down the one side of the sheet - to begin with, the 2 Seconds would be on dots 1 & 2, and Thirds on dots 3 & 4.
  • After sweeping one stone, that sweeper should rotate to the last dot (the one nearest the house), the other sweepers having moved up.
  • Lead's second stone would be swept by the Third, who would then rotate to the last dot.
  • That rotation is kept going throughout the game.



  • Whilst sweeping, remember to look at your skip who, to reduce verbal communication, will provide you with hand signals.

3 CLEARING AWAY STONES (This was the consensus after considering various views.)

  • Clearing away stones should be done by Thirds whilst others remain static and patient. This has been approved by ECC. Leads should remain distanced whilst preparing to play and Seconds should stand on the appropriate dot.


  • When Thirds and Skips discuss strategy, there is the potential for 2, if not 4, people congregating in a small crowded area. Could Skips leave the Thirds to make the decision as much as possible but at all times maintain the 2 m distancing
  • Receiving Skips can sweep from hog to t-line as long as the designated sweeper stops.
  • The opposing Skip must remain behind the hack.

It is everyone's responsibility not only to look after each other but also to protect the viability of MCL and ECC.

Please read the FAQs attachment.

All of these suggestions are subject to change, and the Committee welcomes feedback from members.

Kim & Anthea

2 October 2020